Brazilian Blowouts

Do you have uncontrollable frizz and constantly wish your curly hair were straight and sleek? Then a Brazilian Blowout at Tiffany Hair Salon in Denver, CO is perfect for you!

Brazilian blowouts are a keratin cure-all for your frizzy and untamable hair. This professional smoothing treatment uses a nutrient complex and polymer system to improve your hair’s condition. The treatment creates a protective layer of proteins surrounding your hair shaft, effectively ending frizziness. A Brazilian blowout also adds a radiant shine to your hair because of its smoothing qualities.

Tiffany Hair Salon offers one of the highest quality Brazilian blowouts in Denver, CO. Our Brazilian blowout will last for up to three months, and it can get rid of up to 80% of frizz and 70% of curl. You will leave the salon with shampoo commercial hair!

Tiffany Hair Salon also offers hair styling, haircuts, and other conditioning treatments. If you hair is dry or flat, think about getting a specialty treatment. Our deep conditioning and keratin treatments work wonders and are very popular. A simple blow dry and style can do wonders for limp hair, so come in to try one today!